Welcome to ZARALUNA! Here you will find healing crystal prescriptions selected to help you live your best life, one with emotional, spiritual, physical and financial well being.

Crystals are powerful healing tools. They are one of the oldest forms of healing on Earth. They are a gentle and non-invasive way to remedy everyday ailments. Crystals subtly affect all of the levels of your being and the space that surrounds you.

Healing Crystals can;

  • Help you quickly eliminate chakra imbalances which can lead to improved health and well-being
  • Bring abundance, prosperity, wealth, and success into your life
  • Bring good luck
  • Enhance your Meditation practice
  • Attract love
  • Resolve physical problems such as infertility, headaches, and disease
  • Enhance your intuition
  • Help you gain control over your emotions
  • Fight pain

The possibilities are endless!


Here is what other customers are saying:

“My crystals arrived yesterday! They’re beautiful. I had the best sleep last night in a very long time, and I have one person to thank – YOU!!”

“Couple of things: first of all – our transfer worked!  I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and anxious (but tentatively hopeful) every day.  I keep my healing crystals close (my husband is obsessed with them, he always reminds me to recharge them and will bring them to me if I’ve left them in the other room).  The other girls in my group really appreciated them, too.  One of my friends actually texted me a picture of the crystals on her desk at work today – she said she was having an anxious day (she is 8 weeks pregnant after 4 miscarriages) so she brought them with her!  All of the rest of the girls I gave them to (except for one of them) have gotten pregnant, and we are at various stages, from 8 weeks to 20 weeks.  We are all hoping the last member (of the original group) gets pregnant on her next try (her transfer a few weeks ago didn’t take).”

“Great items and awesome service, thanks!”

“Amanda is great, she took the time to get to me and suggest stones to meet my personal needs. Not only did she do additional research for my purchase, but the stones she sent were beautiful. Would highly recommend ZARALUNA, thank you Amanda!”

“Beautiful stones and FAST shipping! I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! THANK YOU!”

My name is Amanda, and I created ZARALUNA to share affordable, beautiful healing crystals with the world. I am dedicated to finding high vibration crystals and offering them at affordable prices. I clear, activate and charge every crystal before they’re shipped to you. Simple instructions on how you can care for your healing crystals are included with every purchase.  I hope to spread love, light and healing across the planet.

 Join me and learn more about Crystal Prescriptions to heal your MIND, BODY & SOUL!